Get Involved

  • Speak Up

    Talk to your friends, family, and co-workers about homelessness. If you agree that homelessness is a crisis, get others involved. Retweet or post stories from @allhomkc, our Facebook page, or our many partners.

    Get on the list for Action Alerts on housing and homelessness. Here are three key partners: Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, Housing Development Consortium (Seattle and King County), and Seattle-King County Coalition on Homelessness.

  • Rent or Hire

    If you are a landlord, check out the Landlord Liaison Project.

    Landlords and property managers become a Zillow Community Pillar.

  • Share

    Check out our partners at WeCount to donate goods to people in need in our community.

    Visit our friends at United Way of King County to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.

    Just say hello! Support people in need with compassion and join Facing Homelessness to make human-to-human connections with our homeless neighbors.

    Support low income and homeless newspaper sellers by buying a copy of Real Change from an authorized vendor. You can also download their new app.

    Share Your Bright Idea!

    Take a moment to think about what you are passionate about and what skills you possess.

    Recently, we’ve seen technology professionals develop phone applications; student organizers raise money for sleeping bags; and people experiencing homelessness themselves providing companionship and resources to others in need. Share your creative ideas for ensuring all people have a home.


    Provide Feedback

    Your feedback is important to us, however we cannot guarantee a response to each message we receive. Please provide your contact information below if you would like a response. Your feedback will be received by the All Home team, and may be shared with our Consumer Advisory Council and/or with our Coordinating Board.

  • Hear Important Stories

    Listen to local stories from StoryCorps “Finding Our Way: Puget Sound Stories of Family Homelessness.”

    Listen to local stories that aired nationally on The Moth Radio Hour, from the local project Home: Lost and Found with The Moth.

    Watch the four short animated films about local families, American Refugees, from the Seattle University Film & Family Homelessness Project.