The Problem

Homelessness is a crisis in King County. In 2015 alone, over 10,000 people experienced homelessness on any given day, and nearly 40 percent were unsheltered.

The Numbers

The One Night Count in King County tallied 4,505 people living unsheltered, on sidewalks, in cars, and tents on January 29, 2016. In addition, another 3,200 individuals were in emergency shelter and 2,983 were in transitional housing. Read the full report here.

Count Us In 2016 counted 131 unsheltered homeless youth/young adults, and a total of 824 unstably housed young people. These numbers were virtually unchanged compared to Count Us In 2015.

How Long People Are Homeless

Homelessness is not brief enough in King County: on average, in 2015, households experienced homelessness for over 100 days before finding permanent housing. When homelessness is shortened, people are safer and more people can use limited resources.


How Many Return to Homelessness

In 2015, 7,157 households exited homelessness to permanent housing, an average of 596 per month. However, too many people were homeless more than one time: about 15 percent of people who went from homeless to housed returned to homelessness within two years. When homelessness is a one-time only occurrence, people can stabilize and public services such as shelter, emergency rooms, and jails are less frequently accessed.







Around the Region

People experienced homelessness in every zip code in King County last year. Eighty-seven percent of people accessing homeless services are from King County and ninety-seven percent are from Washington State.