Coordinated Entry For All

All Home is in the process of developing Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) to ensure that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access and are quickly identified, assessed for, and connected to housing and homeless assistance based on their strengths and needs. It will use standardized tools and practices, incorporate a system-wide housing first approach, and coordinate assistance so that those with the most severe service needs are prioritized.

For more information about the HMIS Transition, please visit the King County HMIS page.

For more information on CEA, please visit the King County CEA page.

As a part of the implementation of Coordinated Entry for All (CEA), All Home and King County have committed to a quarterly evaluation of CEA data for the purposes of continuous improvement and system accountability. The evaluation framework was developed with the All Home Data and Evaluation Sub-Committee and the evaluation is conducted by the King County Performance Measurement and Evaluation team.

Evaluation findings are reviewed by the CEA Policy and Advisory Committee, the Data and Evaluation Sub-Committee, funders, and community stakeholders through the monthly All Home Stakeholder Meeting. All groups participate in meaning-making about the findings and raise potential policy implications.  The suggestions are synthesized and reviewed by the CEA Policy Advisory Committee and the CEA Coordinating Entity, King County, then recommendations are brought to the All Home governing bodies for consideration as needed.

2016-Q2 Evaluation

2016-Q3 Evaluation

2016-Q4 Evaluation 



CEA-HMIS Timeline 


HUD Policy Brief

All Home Executive Committee 

The All Home Executive Committee holds decision-making authority for the key design decisions related to the implementation of Coordinated Entry for All.  For all Executive Committee materials and meeting summaries, visit here.

A summary of the decisions made to date:


Community Meeting Materials

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