System Performance Committee

Alaric Bien City of Redmond

Christina Mchugh King County Performance, Measurement and Evaluation (co-chair)

Claire Aylward Guilmette Building Changes

Dan Wise Catholic Community Services

Dina Wilderson YouthCare (co-chair)

Karen Ford Solid Ground

Kate Speltz King County, Department of Community and Human Services

Kira Zylstra All Home

Lauren McGowan United Way of King County

Lee Thornhill King County Healthcare for the Homeless Network

Nancy Sherman Consumer Advisory Council

Owen Kajfasz City of Seattle

Sarah Oppenheimer King County Housing Authority

Shawna McMahon Immanuel Community Services

Stacy Holmes Bitfocus


November Agenda | Summary

October Agenda | Summary

September Agenda | Summary

August Agenda | Summary

July Agenda | Summary

June Agenda| Summary

May Agenda | Summary


March Agenda

February CANCELLED due to storm

January Agenda  | Summary

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