Coordinating Board

 The Purpose of the Coordinating Board is to: Analyze. Strategize. Ensure Change.

The Coordinating Board brings together a diverse body of stakeholders working to address issues of homelessness and leverage the expertise and resources of the partners and the wider community in collaborative support of the Strategic Plan.

Members adhere to a Conflict of Interest Policy. 

Andrew Lofton Seattle Housing Authority

Colleen Echohawk Chief Seattle Club

Daniel Malone Downtown Emergency Service Center

Hamdi Abdulle African Community Housing & Development

Jason Johnson City of Seattle, Human Services Department

Joe McDermott King County Council

Keith Scully Shoreline City Council, Sound Cities Association

Leo Flor King County, Department of Community and Human Services

Melinda Giovengo YouthCare

Nancy Backus City of Auburn, Sound Cities Association

Okesha Brandon Community Member

Sara Levin United Way of King County

Sheila Sebron Community Member, Health Care for the Homeless Network Planning Council

Tess Colby City of Seattle, Mayor’s Office


12.16.20 Agenda |Summary
12.2.20 Agenda | Summary
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9.3.20 cancelled
8.19.20 Agenda | Summary
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2.5.20 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary


12.18.19 (special session) Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
8.26.19 (special session)
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7.23.19 (call-in only)
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5.8.19 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
4.3.19 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
3.6.19 cancelled in lieu of longer work session planned for April
2.6.2019 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
1.9.19 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary


12.19.18 Meting Packet | Meeting Summary
11.14.18 & 11.16.18
Meeting Packet
11.7.18  cancelled in lieu of Special Sessions with CSH and Future Laboratories
Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
 cancelled in lieu of final CoC NOFA Special Session 
8.1.18 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
cancelled for the holiday
Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
4.4.18 cancelled in lieu of Governance Special Sessions
3.7.18 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
1.3.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary


12.6.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
11.1.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
10.4.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
9.6.17 cancelled
8.2.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
7.5.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
6.14.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
5.3.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
4.5.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
3.1.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
2.2.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary
1.4.17 Meeting Packet | Meeting Summary

As the new authority is stood up, the Seattle/King County Continuum of Care (CoC) is soliciting new members to serve as the Continuum of Care Board, or Advisory Committee.

Recruitment for the Advisory Committee positions is now closed. Thank you for your interest.



The CoC is a broad coalition of stakeholders dedicated to the mission of the CoC. This includes people with experiences of homelessness, service providers representing various populations and interventions, representatives of culturally specific constituencies, funders, the faith community, researchers and universities, health care providers and others.

The Board will perform two main functions:

  1. It will apprise the Implementation Board on policy and technical issues on which it has made decisions, and forward for approval any committee recommendations that it identifies as sensitive or political in nature, or for which it does not have decision-making authority.
  2. It will function as the CoC Board for actions required under the HUD regulations at 24 CFR §578, including approval of committee recommendations that do not have appropriation/political components


Additional materials available upon request.