Coordinated Entry for All Policy Advisory Committee

Alex Ebrahimi King County Department of Community and Human Services Coordinated Entry for All

Bill Hallerman Catholic Community Services

Chloe Gale REACH

Danielle Winslow All Home

Dusty Olson (co-chair) City of Seattle Human Services Department

Jeanice Hardy YWCA

Kate Speltz King County Department of Community and Human Services

Kristen Brennan YMCA

Lauren Fay DESC

Nawiishtunmi Conner (co-chair) Chief Seattle Club

Martha Sassorossi City of Issaquah

Rebecca Stephens Veterans Administration

Rizwan Rizwi Muslim Housing Association

Stephanie Roe King County Peformance Measurement and Evaluation

Wayne Wilson United Way King County


April 19 Agenda |

April 5 Agenda | Summary


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May Agenda |

April Agenda | Summary

March Agenda | Summary

February Agenda | Summary

January 26 Agenda | Summary

January 12 Agenda | Summary


December 22 Agenda | Summary

December 12 Agenda | Summary

November 10 Agenda | Summary

October 27 Agenda | Summary

October 13 Agenda

Additional materials available upon request.