Coordinated Entry for All Policy Advisory Committee

CEA PAC Agreements – updated August 2019

CEA PAC Workplan Oct 2019 – March 2020

Alex Ebrahimi King County Department of Community and Human Services Coordinated Entry for All

Alyson Moon Mary’s Place (non-voting member)

Arun Sambataro King County Office of Equity and Social Justice

b.b. Jones IV New Horizons

Bill Hallerman Catholic Community Services

Christina McHugh King County Department of Community and Human Services Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Christy Stangland City of Bellevue

Chloe Gale REACH

Jeanice Hardy (joint chair) YWCA

Karen Taylor Consumer Advisory Council

Kate Speltz King County Department of Community and Human Services

Lauren Nichols VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Nawiishtunmi Nightgun Wellspring

Noah Fay DESC

Rizwan Rizwi (joint chair) Muslim Housing Association

Shanee Colston Lived Experience Community Member

Triina Van All Home

Walter Washington Wellspring

Wayne Wilson United Way of King County


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January 24  Agenda  |Draft Summary

The CEA PAC is currently seeking applications for two new committee members to fill the role of public/private funders with some knowledge or experience with Coordinated Entry for All.

Apply here.

Applications are due to by Thursday, January 14.

The CEA PAC is responsible for:

  • Understanding the daily operations of CEA;
  • Working with the Coordinating Entity (CEA team in the Department of Community of Human Services) to identify any policy implications in changes to daily operations;
  • Approving policy and procedure recommendations from the Coordinated Entity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CEA;
  • Conducting racial equity analysis when designing policy or when evaluating performance;
  • Holding accountability and providing support to the Coordinating Entity for fulfilling CEA vision;
  • Advising the Coordinated Entity based on CEA performance data including the 120 day review and stakeholder input; and
  • Providing vision and overarching structure recommendations to the All Home Coordinating Board and supports approved solutions to moving forward.

Member commitments include:

  • Typically 2-year terms, however this service may conclude upon stand-up of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCHRA) when committee membership will be reassessed, likely in mid- or late 2021;
  • Monthly 2-hour meetings (remote while stay-at-home directives are in place);
  • Additional workgroup assignments and meetings (also remote while stay-at-home directives are in place);
  • Making recommendations to the All Home Coordinating Board; and
  • Sharing from experiences and expertise to benefit the system, not on behalf of an agency

Additional materials available upon request.