Consumer Advisory Council

The purpose of the Consumer Advisory Council is to Educate. Advocate. Inform Change.

The Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) serves as a forum to incorporate consumer feedback within policy and action items in execution of the Strategic Plan. Consumers ensure that the effort to end homelessness in King County incorporates the expertise of people who experience homelessness – including those who are at risk of becoming homeless or were formerly homeless – at all levels of implementation, evaluation, and plan revision.

To become a Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) member, please complete an All Home CAC Application Form and submit responses to Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.

CAC Postcard

Questions? Email or call 206-263-8256
To submit general feedback, please complete a form here (available under the “Share” heading).


December 4 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

November 6 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

October 2 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

September 4 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

August 7 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

July 3 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

June 5 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

May 1 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

April 3 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

March 6 – King Street Center – 3pm to 4pm

February 7th Meeting canceled

January 3rd Community Updates, All Home Coordinating Board Membership Process

January Agenda | January Summary



December 6 Meeting Cancelled

November 1 CAC Shifts and Focus, Other CAC Updates

November Agenda | November Summary

October 30 Meeting Cancelled

September 25 Meeting Cancelled

August 28 Meeting Cancelled

July 31  Costumer Feedback, Samaritan Sharing, CAC Reflection, Community Updates & Announcements

July Agenda | July Summary

June 26 CAC Membership, Team & Community Building Activity, and Community Updates

June Agenda | June Summary

May  29 Team/Community Building Activity, Community Updates

May Agenda| May Summary

April 24 Community Updates, CoC Application and Ranking Values and Project Priorities
April Agenda | April Summary

March 27 Seattle – King County Continuum of Care Charter, Lived Experience Coalition Updates
March Agenda | March Summary

February 27 Homelessness System Re-Design, Youth Campaign, Workforce Development and Community Updates
February Agenda | February Summary

January 30th Membership, Meeting Process, 6-Month Planning, Training Needs, and Community Updates
January Agenda | January Summary



December  27th Rules, Meeting Norms, and Membership Expectations, Community updates, and Consumer Advisory Board Yearly Reflection
December Agenda | December Summary

November 28th CAC Norms, Pitching New Ideas, Design Workshop Debrief, and Lived Experience Coalition
November Agenda | November Summary

*Special Meeting November 14th Governance Discussion with all CoC Committees
Meeting Materials

October 28th CAC Norms, Membership Expectations, and Community Updates
October Agenda | October Summary

September 26  CAC Norms and Governance Updates
September Agenda

August 29 CAC Communication Plan and Team Organizing
August Agenda

July 25 Dynamic Prioritization and Accountability Using Ombudsman Program
July Agenda | July Summary

June 27 Meeting Cancelled

May 30 Youth Advisory Board and Consumer Advisory Council Joint Meeting
May Agenda | May Summary

April 25 Dynamic Prioritization and Seattle Times Project Homeless Storytelling Event
April Agenda | April Summary

March 28 Updates on All Home Committee and One Table Involvement
March Agenda | March Summary

February 28 Governance Summit and One Table Debrief, Input on Mobile Medical Van
February Agenda | February Summary

January 31 Updates on All Home Committee and One Table Involvement
January Agenda | January Summary

Additional materials upon request.