Continuum of Care Policies

All Home is working in partnership with the community to develop Continuum of Care Policies. In addition to complying with a Federal HUD requirement, these standards of practice will guide organizations serving people with experiences of homelessness across common values, principles and regulatory requirements. These policies will reinforce shared, systemic values and will streamline funding requirements for grantees.

This work includes 3 phases:

  1. The development of Interim Policies which will primarily articulate and consolidate established system policies and minimum requirements of Federal CoC Program, ESG, CDBG, and State CHG fund sources. (Complete)
  2. Building on Interim Policies to develop Final Policies which will ensure alignment with local priorities and best practices. (In progress)
  3. Ongoing continuous improvement to address any unintended, adverse consequences.

The CoC Interim Policies were affirmed by the Coordinating Board (8/1/2018).

Future CoC-wide community meetings will be announced shortly.

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